Lengyel, Zsuzsanna Mariann

20191229 205720 


assistant research fellow

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+36 1 224 6700/4181
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Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Philosophy of religion

Research project


January 01, 2012 – June 30, 2017: MTA-ELTE Hermeneutics Research Group, MTA TKI 01-254 (participant)

December 01, 2016 – November 30, 2019: New Approaches to the Self-Interpretation of Hermeneutics. Forms of Knowledge, Understanding, Humanity, Dialog - Researches and Perspectives, NKFI PD 121045 (leading researcher)



Ph.D supervision, Hermeneutics PhD program of Philosophy Doctoral School at the Eötvös Loránd University

Selected publications from the last five years


Hermeneutika és kritikai filozófia: Kant, Heidegger, Gadamer. (A filozófia útjai; 19) Budapest: L'Harmattan, 2018. 410 old. ISBN: 978-963-414-491-5 http://real.mtak.hu/88360/

Hermeneutical Circle in Understanding. On an Original Link Between Hermeneutics and Logic in the Gadamer-Heidegger Dialogue. PHILOBIBLON (ROMANIA) Vol. XXIII (1), pp. 95-108, 2018. http://real.mtak.hu/88204/

Phenomenology and Imagination in Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant. STUDIA UNIVERSITATIS BABES-BOLYAI PHILOSOPHIA 63 (1) pp. 59-80, 2018. http://real.mtak.hu/88203/

On Imagination and Understanding: Gadamer and Criticism of Kant’s Aesthetic Imagination. STUDIA UNIVERSITATIS BABES-BOLYAI PHILOSOPHIA 62 (2) pp. 15-27, 2017. http://real.mtak.hu/40698/

Questioning Beyond Subjectivity – Cassirer and Heidegger. A Case Study: on the Davos Dispute. PHILOBIBLON, XX (2). pp. 296-318, 2015. ISSN 1224-7448 http://real.mtak.hu/26707/

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