The Institute of Philosophy, HAS kindly invites you to the following lecture:

Peter Stachel
(Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)

"In the End, are all Sociologists Fatalists?”
Ludwig Gumplowicz (1838 - 1909): An Old-Austrian Pioneer of Early Sociology

Kraków-born Ludwig Gumplowicz (1838-1909), professor of law at Graz University, was one of the pioneers of early sociology. In books like Der Rassenkampf (1883) and Grundriss der Sociologie (1885) he analyzed human culture and social institutions as parts of a “natural process” according to “eternal laws”. Highly acclaimed at his lifetime, not only in Austria, but as well in the United States and France, his theories later were rated as social-darwinistic and even as an intellectual basis of fascistic ideology. But this verdict is based on a very generalized understanding of his theories and in fact not true.

Date:  November 28, 2016. 4 pm.
Venue:  Budapest, 1014 Országház u. 30. „Pepita” room

Our aim is to get a deeper knowledge of and give an insight into current Hungarian research on social theory and social, historical, and political philosophy, thus, help develop a discourse between social and political philosophers and the representatives of different social theory disciplines. Invited guests include philosophers, sociologists, political and legal scientists, and historians who currently participate in a comprehensive research relevant to social philosophy or have recently published in this field. During each session, participants examine such texts from the perspective of philosophy. Our discussions are open to the public and also count on the presence of those interested in only one or two major topics. The gatherings are held every second Monday from 4 p. m. at the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, 1014 Országház u. 30.).

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