English language summary and a Spanish and a German language review

A short English language summary in the Summer-Autumn 2020 issue of the European Conservative (here), a German language review in Agenda on page 7 (here), and a Spanish language review in La Razón Historica (here) published of Ferenc Hörcher’s A Political Philosophy of Conservatism. Prudence, Moderation and Tradition (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Iván Zoltán Dénes and Ferenc Hörcher were the guest editors of the thematic issue of Magyar Tudomány, the official journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, on the academic achievements of the late Professor György Szabad (1924-2015), a historian of the classical age of 19th century Hungarian political history. The thematic issue is available here in Hungarian.

Szabad György fénykép


The table of contents is as follows (each article is online, and has an English language abstract):

Iván Zoltán Dénes, Ferenc Hörcher: BEVEZETÉS (Introduction)

György Miru: SZABAD GYÖRGY ÉS A MAGYAR TÖRTÉNETÍRÁS FÜGGETLENSÉGI PARADIGMÁJA (György Szabad and the Paradigm of Independence in Hungarian Historiography)

Róbert Hermann: SZEMÉLYES VAGY TUDOMÁNYOS? KOSÁRY DOMOKOS ÉS SZABAD GYÖRGY VITÁJÁNAK ELŐZMÉNYEI (Personal or Scientific? The Precedents of the Domokos Kosáry and György Szabad Debates)

Iván Zoltán Dénes: EGY SZOKATLAN VITA (An Unusual Discussion of a Monography)

Ferenc Velkey: SZABAD GYÖRGY AUTOBIOGRÁFIÁI (György Szabad’s Autobiographies)

László Csorba: SZEREPLŐ ÉS VISSZATEKINTŐ – EGY SZÖVEGTÍPUSRÓL JEGYZETKÉSZÍTÉS KÖZBEN (Actor and Retrospective Observer – About a Text-type during Note Making)

Balázs Gyenis' study "Determinism, Physical Possibility, and Laws of Nature" has been published in Foundations of Physics. The paper calls attention to different formulations of how physical laws relate to what is physically possible in the philosophical literature, and argue that it may be the case that determinism fails under one formulation but reigns under the other. The text is available here.

Ferenc Hörcher authored an English language monograph, entitled A Political Philosophy of Conservatism. Prudence, Moderation and Tradition. It has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing, in the United Kingdom. The volume offers a sketch of a comprehensive political philosophy, which aims to replace justice with prudence in the heart of political thought.

The Table of Content and short description of the book is available here.

It is recommended by Professor James Hankins from the Department of History of Harvard University.

Pol Phil of Conservatism

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