About us

Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Philosophy at the Research Centre for the Humanities.

The Institute of Philosophy was established in 1957. Since 1990 it has been an independent research institute and an institutional organizer of philosophical life in Hungary. In 2012 it became a part of the Research Centre for the Humanities. According to its Founding Document the Institute of Philosophy, through its national and international network of partners, supports Hungarian and Hungary-based philosophical research within the national and international scientific community.



Director of the Institute: Szabó, Gábor  
Deputy director: Schmal, Dániel  
Scientific secretary: Szabados, Bettina  
Comitee of research group leaders ('KVT'): Demeter, Tamás  
  Kondor, Zsuzsanna  
  Mester, Béla  
  Szabó, Gábor  
  Varga, Péter András  

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