Schmal, Dániel

schmal daniel 


senior research fellow

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History of Philosophy and Intellectual History

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+36 1 224 6700/4188
Research area


Early modern philosophy, late scholasticism, philosophy of mind

Research project


OTKA 125012 The Cartesian Mind between Cognition and Extension (senior participant)

OTKA 123939 Intentionality - ancient, early modern, contemporary analitic (senior participant)



Assistant Professor (2005-2008) Institute of Philosophy, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest–Piliscsaba (Hungary)

Selected publications from the last five years


Malebranche lecteur de Pascal : La question de « la condition humaine » In Hélène Michon – Tamás Pavlovits szerk. La sagesse de l’amour chez Pascal. Paris, L’Harmattan. 2016. 175–193.

Le concept de représentation chez Malebranche et Spinoza. In Raffaele Carbone – Chantal Jaquet – Pierre-François Moreau. Spinoza–Malebranche : À la croisée des interprétations. Lyon, ENS Éditions. 2018. 91–109.

Intellectual Memory and Consciousness in Descartes’s Philosophy of Mind. Society and Politics. 2018. 12/2. 28–49.

The Problem of Unconscious Perception in the Early Enlightenment: The Case of David-Renaud Boullier. In Tomasz Fisiak et alii eds. What’s New in the New Europe? Redefning Culture, Politics, Identity. Łódź: Łódź University Press. 2019.

Virtual reflection: Antoine Arnauld on Descartes’ Concept of Conscientia. British Journal for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming). Published online: 19 Nov 2019.

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