Talk by Frank Furedi

The Institute of Philosophy RCH HAS cordially invites you to its upcoming talk

Frank Furedi
Fear of Judgement and the downsizing of Tolerance in Western public life

Outwardly the liberal ideal of tolerance remains one of the sacred values of Western society. However in practice tolerance has been redefined to  mean acceptance and non-judgementalism. Yet for liberal thinkers from Bayle and Locke onwards tolerance demanded an act of judgment. And as Hannah Arendt argued, judgment is an essential component of public life. Without judgment, tolerance becomes emptied of meaning. This talk explains why, in western public life, tolerance has been re-defined as a second order value that is trumped by the sacralisation of non-judgementalism.

Venue: 4 Tóth Kálmán st., Budapest, 1097; 7th floor, "Trapéz" room
Date: 23 Jaunuary 2018, 16.00

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