Talk by Gyula Klima

The Institute of Philosophy, RCH, cordially invites you to the upcoming talk

Gyula Klima (Fordham University)

Whatever Happened to Efficient Causes?

The talk will be online.


To dispel any possible false hopes at the beginning, I do not know the answer to the question raised in the title. All I am going to argue for in this paper is that “a funny thing happened” to efficient causes, or rather to our notion of them, “on the way” into modern philosophy and science; indeed, that “the funny thing” that happened was a paradigmatic change well worth investigating in a more comprehensive fashion than the confines of a single lecture would allow.

Commentator: Balázs Gyenis (Institute of Philosophy, RCH)

Date: 22 September 2020 (Tuesday), 2pm

You can join by clicking on the link below.ófiai_intézet_szeminárium

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