Philosophers' Debate

PHILOSOPHERS' DEBATE - organized by Oktatói Hálózat

Not much has changed between 399 BC and 2014 AD: those in positions of power, along with a certain part of the general populace, still consider philosophy to be suspicious. How does this perception of philosophy relate to the number and esteem of the philosophers themselves, and to the presence of philosophy in public thought as well as in public education? These are the main questions that we attempt to answer with help from the directors of Hungary's two most prestigious Institutes of Philosophy (MTA BTK and ELTE BTK).

István Bodnár (director, ELTE BTK Institute of Philosophy)
Ferenc Hörcher (director, MTA BTK Institute of Philosophy)

Moderator: András Máté (director, ELTE BTK Department of Logic)

Date and venue of the event:
16th September, 2014, 17-20h

ELTE Tanári Klub, Budapest V. district, Szerb st. 21-23.

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