Seminar Series: Sara Lagi

The Institute of Philosophy of the Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences kindly invites you to the upcoming talk of its seminar series:

Sara Lagi: Georg Jellinek, a liberal political thinker between the Habsburg Empire and Germany (1885-1898)

Date and Venue of the lecture: 27st January 2015, 4.00 pm, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 30. Országház Street, 2. floor, "Tanácsterem" room.

The talk has been sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of History (Művészetek és tudomány a nemzetépítés szolgálatában a 19. századi Magyarországon OTKA-kutatócsoport (K 108670)).


Georg Jellinek is commonly known as one of the most prominent 19th century jurists. There is an extensive and excellent academic production stressing his fundamental contribution to German juspositivism and the influence German cultural context had on him and his works.
In this paper we want to re-consider this “image” of the German jurist: we will seek to show and prove that he was not only a jurist but also a political thinker with a clear and strong liberal profile. Moreover we will show how part of his liberal view was influenced by the period he spent in Vienna as a Professor of Law. In this sense, we will analyze how Jellinek responded to crucial questions on freedom, minorities and State power as a political thinker who lived between Austria and Germany.

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