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research fellow

Email: fazekas.peter at btk.mta.hu

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History and Philosophy of Science


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+36 1 224 6700/166

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Philosophy of science, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of cognitive science
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My research is primarily focused on the relations of conscious experiences and physical states. I am working on a theory that is able to account for the gap between our scientific explanations and the phenomenal character of our subjective conscious experiences, while remaining compatible with current empirically motivated theories in consciousness research.



I study the ontological and epistemological aspects of reduction. Accounting for the weaknesses of currently accepted models of reductive explanations, I am working on a project that is in accord with the practice of both physical and life sciences.



I am interested in both the metaphysical problem of "strong emergence" and  the problem of "weak emergence" in the philosophy of science. I attempt to show that strong emergence can be characterized coherently, without self-contradictions; I also work on the systematization of concepts of emergence in various fields of science, and their analysis based on the current discourse in the philosophy of science.



Introduction to philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of science, Reduction and emergence

Selected publications from the last five years


Arkangyalok és démonok: A visszavezethetetlenség, mint nem-episztemikus kritérium

. In: Kertész Gergely, Paksi Dániel, Zemplén Gábor (szerk.): 

Emergens evolúció, Budapest: L'Harmattan, 2012, pp. 43-54.
Causation at Different Levels — Tracking the Commitments of Mechanistic Explanations. [with Gergely Kertész] Biology and Philosophy, 26, 365-383, 2011.





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