Ferenc Hörcher's new book is entitled A Political Philosophy of Conservatism. Prudence, Moderation and Tradition (Bloomsbury, 2020). The international book launch will feature two prominent foreign scholars: 

Robert Grant (Prof. emeritus, Glasgow University)
Ryszard Legutko (Professzor, Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

The roundtable talk will be hosted by John O’Sullivan, president of Danube Institute. The author will also participate at the roundtable.

Date: 19 February, 2020, 5 pm
Venue: NUPS, Ludovika Main Building, Zrínyi Hall (2 Ludovika tér, 1083, Budapest)

Everyone is welcome, please register here.

The Institute of Philosophy, RCH, cordially invites you to the upcoming talk

Tim Crane (CEU)
What is religious belief?


Many philosophers and other commentators think of religious belief as a combination of proto-cosmological belief and moral belief or moral precepts: a theory of the universe plus a theory of how to behave. This conception of religious belief does not seem to have room for what is one of the most obvious and central features of religion: religious practice. Why should a combination of cosmology and morality give rise to practices like going to church, mosque or synagogue? In this talk I sketch an alternative conception of religious belief that gives an answer to this question.

Commentator: Bettina Szabados (Institute of Philosophy, RCH)

Venue: 4 Tóth Kálmán str., 1097 Budapest, B.7.16. (room 'Trapéz')
Date: 21 January 2020 (Tuesday), 2pm

The Research Group for Philosophy of Physics, BTK Institute of Philosophy, cordially invites you to its upcoming workshop:

Jerusalem-Budapest twin workshop 2: PHYSICALISM AND REDUCTION

Venue: 1097 Budapest, 4 Tóth Kálmán str., B.7.16. (room "Trapéz")
Date: 19-20 December 2019 (Thu-Fri)

For details see workshop webpage.

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