The Institute of Philosophy, RCH HAS and the Research Group for the History and Philosophy of Science cordially invites you to its latest book seminar on Thorsten Botz-Bornstein's Organic Cinema (N.Y. - Oxford: Berghahn, 2017) on 28 September. The poster of the event is available here.

We are proud to announce Deodáth Zuh's award of the 2017 Burgen Scholaship at the Joint Annual Conference of Academia Europaea, ALLEA, and YAE. A token of his poster presentation could be downloaded here. The official image gallery of the award ceremony could be viewed here.

Prof. Ferenc Hörcher, together with Dr. Gülsen Seven, is organising a panel entitled Vocations of Realist Political Theory (VRPT) at the 14th Annual Conference 2017 (11th - 13th September) of MANCEPT WORKSHOPS, of the University of Manchester. Hörcher’s own paper is entitled Francesco Guicciardini: Realist Historian? Theorist? Statesman?, which is read out and discussed in the panel in absence of him. In the panel Mrs. Dóra Kis-Jakab, junior researcher of the Institute also presents a paper on political realism.

We are organizing a series of workshops with the title "Recasting the Treatise", focusing on the contrasts and differences between Hume's Treatise and his later philosophical works that descended from it. We are planning to hold three workshops, the eventual outcome of which is planned to be a collection of papers to be published by a suitable publisher. The locations, timings, and rough boundaries are as follows:

  • The first workshop, to be held in Budapest on the 15th-16th March 2018, will focus on topics from Treatise Book 1, the first Enquiry, and relevant essays.
  • The second workshop, provisionally planned to be held in Oxford in September 2018, will be devoted to Treatise Book 2, the Four Dissertations of 1757 (notably the Dissertation on the Passions), and relevant essays.
  • The third workshop, provisionally planned to be held in Budapest in the spring of 2019, will be focused on Treatise Book 3, the second Enquiry, and relevant essays.

This structure is not intended to be rigid, and proposals that draw connections between the various themes will also be welcome. Efforts will be made to provide financial support for accommodation and travel for those whose abstracts are accepted, but are unable to cover their costs.


  • Tamas Demeter (Budapest) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Peter Millican (Oxford) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Invited members include: Kate Abramson, Miren Boehm, Don Garrett, Lorenzo Greco, James Harris, Jennifer Marusic, Amyas Merivale, Dan O’Brien, Hsueh Qu, Jacqueline Taylor.

At this stage we are inviting extended abstracts of about 1,000 words for the first workshop. The deadline for submission is 5th November 2017.
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The History and Philosophy of Science research group of the Institute of Philosophy cordially invites you to its upcoming event:

Book symposium on Neil Sinhababu's "Humean Nature"

Contributors include:
László Bernáth (RCH HAS)
Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore)
Judit Szalai (ELTE)
Attila Tanyi (University of Liverpool)

Date of the event: 3rd July, 2017., 10:30.

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